Wednesday, August 15, 2007

North End Brown Out

The electricity was knocked out this evening around 7:15 in various parts of the North End neighborhoods due to a currently undisclosed problem at the Downtown substation. NES told me at about 8:20 that almost 1,000 people were without power.

Areas experiencing the outage included 5th Av from Bicentennial Mall to I-65, and nearly every part of Salemtown north of Garfield St. Sections of 4th Av, 6th Av, and 7th Av south of Garfield retained power. NES told me that sporadic brown outs are typical when a substation goes down. Power just came back on shortly before 9:00.

UPDATE: According to NewsChannel5 (which suffered outage), the brown out was caused by birds. WSMV reported that the brown out may have been caused by the power drain resulting from the heat.

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