Friday, August 10, 2007

Yellow Ribbons--Like Car Magnets--Have Nothing to Do With Actually Caring for the Safety of Our Troops

Tie a shallow ribbon 'round the old oak tree. Some Metro Council Members once more have misplaced priorities and they show themselves committed to empty gestures that have more salving, stupor-inducing affects at home and little or no real impact on our troops in Iraq.

The City Paper reports that some members are stooping to the new low of attacking the patriotism of Park Board Members. The NCP does not finger the specific demogoging Council Members, but the fact that they would attack fellow Americans over colored pieces of fabric that do not appear instantly at their rather easy command is shameful.

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  1. Comment removed for failure to take personal responsibility for insults. If you are going to impugn Salemtownies for actually walking their own streets and trying to strengthen community bonds (one way of fighting crime and building a neighborhood watch vs. paying somebody else to post yellow ribbons), then you better have the guts to put an identity with your insults.

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