Thursday, August 30, 2007

CM Evans Shows Mayoral Hopefuls the Way on "No Tax Pledges"

Emily Evans holds no punches on newly launched MCD23. School is in session:
So, what is going on here [in a mass e-mail from the Bob Clement Campaign pledging no property tax raises]? Are we going to see a careful parsing of words in a couple years? "I said that I would not raise property taxes but I didn't say I would not ask the Council to raise them." Or, are we going to see major cuts? There is no question that if you wrestle some of the more difficult budget problems to the ground like the $50 million dollar subsidy for the Hospital Authority you can avoid asking for additional revenue....for a while. There is also no question that you can avoid asking for additional revenue by cutting all non-essential government services: Parks, Arts Commission, Human Relations Commission, Library, subsidies to the Mary Parrish Center, Adventure Science Center and the Symphony and fund only police, fire, health and schools.

But, if Clement thinks people leave Davidson County because of higher taxes, (They don't. They move to Williamson County for the (perceived) better schools and the wall to wall soccer fields) wait til he starts cutting the middle class perks like Parks and Library.

Perhaps these two gentlemen are the first in years who just want to be mayor for 4 years.
Thus, endeth the lesson.

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