Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Anti-Tygard Website Intends to "Take Out the Cat"

Unnamed "Residents of District 35" brought their "Retire Tygard" website online today as a medium for motivating people to vote against Charlie Tygard in the September 11 at-Large run-off by voting for the "4 [other at-Large] candidates who are most likely to bump Tygard out of the top 4 remaining slots." The residents call the 4 remaining candidates that the Tennessean endorsed (Megan Barry, Saletta Holloway, Jerry Maynard, and Ronnie Steine) "an excellent (progressive) group of candidates."

The website authors see Mr. Tygard's connections to wealthy land owners, developers, and builders as their motivation and they seem really peeved about his last-minute reintroduction of a long-deferred and controversial zoning bill at the final Metro Council meeting.

They also have a blog that they encourage their readers to use to share their thoughts and their "anger."

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