Sunday, August 19, 2007

Moyers Did Not Join in the Media's Rove Love-in

Friday night Bill Moyers dresses down the mainstream media's love affair with departing Karl Rove by putting the thing in perspective, given Rove's use of religion as "fear and loathing" and given a federal government "in shambles, paralyzed, polarized, mired in war, debt, and corruption."

UPDATE: The Director of Communications for Bill Moyers Journal left a comment below that Mr. Moyers has sent an e-mail to Fox News' Chris Wallace, who cherry-picked one sentence out of Mr. Moyers' commentary above to ask Karl Rove during an interview. Mr. Moyers' e-mail, posted on his blog at PBS, puts the sentence back into the context of the commentary, which is based on past reporting about Mr. Rove's agnosticism and cynical use of religious conservatives in spite of Mr. Roves' claims to Fox that his faith was "slandered."

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  1. The Moyers Blog has posted a letter from Bill Moyers to Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday, where Karl Rove was shown a clip of Moyers' comments about Rove's resignation.