Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Suspicious Salemtown Fire

Yesterday, as I lay sprawled on the couch in full Scorsese mode, I noticed smoke rising across our front yard. I pulled myself up to the window to see the source of the smoke: someone had lit a shirt and thrown it into my neighbor's front yard. The shirt was consumed and a ring of fire was starting to spread outward about a foot across his dry grass.

I went outside, grabbed his hose and doused the flames. I did not see anyone around, but I called the police and left a report. Looks like we may have some fire starters in our neighborhood who feel the need to take advantage of the drought to do some other damage.

By the way, Public Works did not pick up all the brush that was set aflame last week. It looks like they merely picked up some furniture that had been dumped in the same place. The brush pile, much of which is unburned, remains a tinder box waiting for the next stray cigarette or budding arsonist. According to Metro, the next round of brush pick-up does not begin until September 13. That's a long time for a big stack of dry brush to be sitting around.

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