Wednesday, August 08, 2007

At Large Candidate Hostettler Mulling a Legal Challenge to the Election Results

From Mr. Hostettler's Friday Press Release:
Philip Hostettler, a Metro Council at Large candidate for the 2007 election, is quickly working through the details and paperwork for the purposes of applying the law regarding Term Limits. The People of Nashville and Davidson County, by a referendum election in November of 1994, voted for Term Limits, effective January 1, 1995. Incumbent candidates Charlie Tygard, J.B. Loring, Ronnie Greer, and John Summers, are finishing up with their two consecutive terms in the Council and under Article 1, General Provisions of the Metropolitan Charter, may have been ineligible to run for office again and blocked Hostettler from making the runoff. Hostettler received numerous calls on Friday August 3rd, one day after the election, ranging from first time candidates to former council members, about challenging the opinion of one former Metro Law Department Director, James Murphy, III [who ruled that two-term district candidates may run in at-Large races].
I hope he goes for it and wins.

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  1. Why, so we can have even more ignorant council members?