Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clement's Union Support Drawn from Residential Outliers

Nashville Scene Editor wrote this yesterday about Mayoral Candidate Bob Clement's mounting union endorsements:

But consider the often overlooked reality that many of these firefighters, police officers and service workers actually live outside of Davidson County—in bedroom communities such at Mount Juliet, Smyrna and Ashland City—and can't vote in the first place.
I've pointed out before that the fact that less progressive outlying counties have more influence in this election through Bob Clement is one reason that I could not vote for him. I don't begrude anyone the choice to move out of Davidson County, but they should not have more influence via campaign contributions and union affiliation than Davidson County residents themselves.

This in itself seems like a strong warrant for public financing of campaigns.

1 comment:

  1. If Dean did not dump over a million dollars of his own money into this race, Clement would not need to accept donations outside of Davidson county. Or if Metro had a "millionaire amendment" like in federal campaigns then he would not have to either. I don't believe Clement will be beholden to anyone, especially people that reside out of Davidson county, as mayor. Blame Dean for the upping the amount needed to win a local office.