Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tygard Grabs Contrary Photo Op After Metro Finance Warns that Keeping Predators Could Cost Us $5M

Did you see Chris Bundgard's story on Charlie Tygard's opposition to Metro Finance's warning that renegotiating the Nashville Predators lease could cost Nashville millions? Tygard was sitting in front of one of his large at-Large campaign signs and displaying a campaign sticker while he was arguing that Finance was wrong. Tygard has been supporting the Predators' own campaign to attract more season ticket holders.

I don't need to see Mr. Tygard trying to throw the Predators' water on a possible worst case scenario when taxpayers need to know that we might have to bail them out in order to get them to stay. It was pretty clear to me that the main reason he was doing it was for free publicity for the September at-Large election; else, he would have appeared without his campaign props.

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