Sunday, August 19, 2007

So UnPC, They're PC

I appreciate challenging political correctness (and I would point out that criticisms of liberal political correctness were started not by conservatives, but by liberals criticizing fellow liberals), but I have to marvel at those posers so rigid in their hatred of PC that they would even defend the idea of chattel slavery in order to fight PC. Let's keep things in perspective, Jackson.


  1. What was the point in mentioning liberals and conservatives in relation to this article which made no mention of either?

    But since we're on the topic - I doubt there's any way to support the claim that liberals were the first to criticize "liberal political correctness". Actually - my guess is that it was first started by people like me, being neither liberal nor conservative, who find great joy in mocking the absurdity of both camps.

    The Tennessean article gives little insight to Dave McArdle reason(s) for resigning. Perhaps an interview with the former Jakson actor is in order. I'd like to hear his side of the story rather than what other people believe he "apparently" thinks.

  2. The critical use of the term "political correctness" started in the 1970s as an internal critique by the left against others lefties in feminism and Marxism who came across as too dogmatic and not pragmatic in their assertions (See Stanley Aronowitz's "Roll Over Beethoven: The Return of Cultural Strife" or Ruth Perry's "A Short History of the Term 'Politically Correct'"). It took 20 years for the term to be picked up by others and applied to the left from the outside.