Friday, August 17, 2007

Does Clement Really Give a Crap About the Homeless?

Or is he just giving other groups the chance to kiss the ring?
Bob Clement has opted out of the [Nashville Homeless Power Project] forum, leaving just Karl Dean to answer questions from the group on homelessness in the city .... Clement campaign spokesman Ben Hall ... said [that] his candidate was busy trying to reach several groups before the Sept. 11 runoff election date and that Clement had already met multiple times with the Nashville Homeless Power Project.

“He’s going to treat everybody equally and fairly,” Hall said. “We really need to focus on other groups that he hasn’t been before at all.”
On a related note, Sean Braisted has some interesting observations about whether Mr. Clement ever really participated in the "Urban Plunge" as his campaign supporters lead us to believe or he simply went around speaking to various groups with few homeless people involved.

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