Friday, August 03, 2007

What's Next from Mr. Coffee? Calling Bloggers "Pusillanimous Pussyfoots"?

In the midst of a little victory dance about their polls, NCP editor Clint Brewer continues to use his blog as a snipers' nest against other blogs who dare criticize the mainstream news media. This time Mr. Coffee attempts to pepper Alan Coverstone with an alliterative salvo lifted from none other than the disgraced former Vice President, Spiro Agnew.

But Alan deftly uses a little blogger jujitsu to turn Mr. Coffee's cribbed criticism on its head, showing that Clint's once nabobish guild long ago sold out to the dark side of power. Give it a read:
It was Agnew who preferred not to have to face criticism by what was then a watchdog press; holding people in power accountable.

Today, it is bloggers who try to hold the mainstream press accountable. The nattering nabobs of negativism were the good guys when they held Agnew accountable, and it seems to me that nabobs in this case may well do the same thing with a press that has lost its way a bit. The "nabobs" were right about Agnew's tax fraud. They were right about Nixon's criminal activities, and they were right about bombing Cambodia and Laos. The mainstream guys (Agnew and Nixon) didn't want to hear it, but since they were wrong, all they could do was dismiss criticism with name calling.
Man, I want Alan Coverstone in my corner every day of the week and twice on Sundays.


  1. 95% of Mr. Brewer's most recent blog posts have been, at least partially, about local bloggers. I find that very interesting.

  2. Aw, let's face it. The CP is nothing but a big, well funded blog. They just think they are a newspaper.

  3. Clint's cream curdled today in the NCP comment section. He's obviously on the war path now that he's on-line.