Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Abramson on the Class, Ethnic, and Cultural Dynamics that Divide Votes for the 3 Mayoral "Progressives"

Roger pretty much nails the differences between likely "progressive" voters as far as I'm concerned:
David Briley:

Strong suits: Middle-class “progressive”-types; younger people; scattered policy wonks; the “netroots” (what there are of them); gentrified East Nashville; some teachers; a few lawyers ....

Karl Dean:

Strong suits: Upper-class “progressive” types; Team Purcell; people who like to think they care a lot about public education yet send their own children to private schools; Nashville Symphony season ticket holders; courthouse people; businesspeople who do understand which way the wind is blowing ....

Howard Gentry:

Strong suit: African-American voters; a smattering of “progressive” types who like the First-Black-Mayor-of-Nashville angle; a few Republican voters here and there who want to be able to say they voted for a black guy whenever anyone says they’re racists; a handful of businesspeople.
If there were no Bob Clement or Buck Dozier in the race, which way would less progressive voters break? Would they vote against the "upper-class/Nashville Symphony" candidate?

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  1. Mike --

    Good question. Off the top of my head, I suspect they would break they way they broke in the Gentry/Ferrell race; i.e., either to Gentry, or non-votes. But just a guess.