Thursday, August 02, 2007

Metro Council Results: Not Exactly "Throw the Bums Out"

The election results for Metro Council seats seem to me to send a clouded message leaning toward resisting any change of course. On the one hand, controversial incumbent Harold White and District 20's Billy Joe Walls were soundly defeated in their races. On the other hand, Jim Gotto, Robert Duvall, Carl Burch, and Parker Toler won by wide margins; and Eric Crafton and Michael Craddock won handily. The "old" (relative to the era of term limits) council guard also won their way into the at-Large run-off, with a rather frightening trio of Charlie Tygard, J.B. Loring, and Ronnie Greer still alive for the voting. It looks like to me that Nashvillians may be satisfied with the Metro Council status quo, and I find that rather distressing.

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  1. As to what happened in the Council-at-Large race, I think it was basically a name-recognition deal. I was probably unusual in that a familiar political name was for me a signal *not* to support. But apart from the enormous buzz for Megan Barry [at least in my part of town (Belmont)], the others were a blur. I know a number of highly intelligent, engaged people who were themselves seeking advice from trusted insiders on this race; less-plugged-in voters had fewer points of access to good advice.